Safari Ltd Puff Dragon

Safari Ltd Puff Dragon
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Puff Dragons puff themselves up to look bigger and more intimidating to their enemies, but it’s hard to be intimidated by this cute little figurine!

This Puff Dragon figure is fully puffed up to maximum capacity, nearly bursting at the seams! Its cheeks are completely expanded, and its hands are resting on its rotund belly. This individually hand-painted figure is full of scaly detail all over its rounded frame.

The Puff Dragon figure measures 3 inches tall to the tip of its tiny horns and 3 ½ inches long. It’s roughly the size of a standard baseball. The figure features a pearlescent finish to the light blue scales and white underbelly that covers much of its body. Its toenails and horns are black, and its cheeks have a rosy colour.

Puff Dragons like to be left alone to meditate and think, so they have a couple of defense mechanisms to help them ward away intruders. They first puff up with air to appear larger and more dangerous. If that doesn’t work, they can blow the air out of their lungs with hurricane-force winds to send intruders flying away.

Recommended Age: 4+
Measurements: 8.89  x 7.62  x 7.75 cm

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