Curriculum - Basic Skills

The key concept of competence in English is essential for learning to be successful. This centres on being clear, coherent and accurate in written and spoken communication, as well as being adaptable to the demands of different contexts.
Successful learners can work independently and cooperate with others to reach a common goal. 
Our resources encourage children of all ages to become effective communicators with a  creative approach to learning.

Mathematics introduces children to concepts, skills and thinking strategies that are essential in everyday life and support learning across the curriculum.
Our maths range includes a number of hands on products to to aid group activities and support childrens development of numbers & shapes.
Our timer sets are perfect for group activities along with the other ranges available.

A broad and balanced understanding of History & Geography is essential if a child is to become a confident and informed individual.

Children will love learning about the world around them with our puzzles and world dolls for individual or group activities.

Our products encourage children to appreciate the interdependence of individuals, groups and communities. They promote an understanding of, and respect for different cultures and how different people live their lives.
Curriculum - Basic Skills