Viking Toys Ecoline Mini Chubbies Bucket Set

Viking Toys Ecoline Mini Chubbies Bucket Set
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Since the beginning in 1974, we have been the advocate for sustainable and safe toys. For us, toxic-free toys are as obvious as waking up in the morning. What you are having in front of you is the result of us doing what we do best, even better. This is a toy that will last for generations without being harmful to the next. Believe it or not, what you are holding in your hands is a toy made from sugar cane, a natural and renewable resource. Coming from the kingdom of plants, this toy is reducing CO2 emissions and the environmental footprint. The fact is that sugar cane binds more carbon dioxide when it grows then the production of the raw material causes.

Eco-friendly non toxic sustainable Mini Chubbies made from renewable resources, sugar canes. 100% recyclable. 30 pcs, Vehicles, boats and planes. Bucket size 5 litres. 

Set contains 30pcs

Recommended age: 12 months+ 

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