Interactive Water Bubble Tube 'Inspiration'

Interactive Water Bubble Tube 'Inspiration'
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The bubble column is made of organic glass and the lights consists of three RGB LEDs powered by remote control. You can set the colours to constant, soft changing, simultaneous and blinking mode. Air flow rate in the pipe is produced by the compressor.

Air bubble tubes are one of the central elements of any sensory room. They combine both external effect, and many useful functions - visual stimulation, relaxation, and stimulation of tactile sensations (holding your hands over the tube, you will feel a pleasant slight vibration of bubbles).
The combination of moving bubbles and narrowly focused illumination create impression of glowing air balls lifting up through a transparent medium.
The tube are colour changing and bubbles can vary in height. 

With the help of interactive remote control you can switch colours in both automatic and manual mode. Also lighting control can be performed via the WIFI app 

Please note mirrors and platforms are sold seperately. 

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