Flowing Putty

Flowing Putty
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Flowing Putty does exactly what it sounds like. It flows, in slow motion, but it is moving. Roll it into a ball, mould it into any shape and bounce it, massage it, or encase your favourite miniature with it. When you are done forming and playing with it, set it down and it will melt back into a flat puddle that you can reuse! It never dries out, so you can use it over and over again. Once you pick it up, you will find it hard to put down, and once you put it down, the results will amaze you!

Flowing Putty Includes:
  • Flowing Putty
  • Bog Buddy
  • Instructions and Information
Let the stress flow away as you enjoy hours of fun with this magical putty that will not dry out.  Like regular putty, DuneCraft’s crystal clear Flow Putty can be bounced, rolled, or molded. Watch as it engulfs tiny objects, like the bog buddy provided in the kit, but miraculous melt into a putty puddle.  

Measures: 9.5 x 3.8 x 14cm

Recommended Age 4+

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