Space Slime Intergalactic Goo Tub

Space Slime Intergalactic Goo Tub
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Space Slime Intergalactic Goo Tub

Includes 7 compounds;
Glorious Glow Goo is the ultimate sleep-over fun. Place the goo in the light, and then shut them off for super slimy, gooey, glowing gross-ness!
Galaxy Slime
Create your own universe with Galaxy Slime! Swirl glittery Blue and Purple together into a ball & watch your own galaxy be born!
Gold & Silver Metallic Mush
Metallic Mush is like nothing you’ve ever touched or seen! This golden and silvery goop is slick and sparkly with a metallic sheen that you can stretch--just watch it slime!
Zero Gravity Bouncing Putty
The most fun you’ll ever have with putty, Bouncing, Building Putty is the bouncy ball that you can sculpt! Kit comes with two great colors! It’s the fun that will keep bouncing back!

Hours of Slimy Alien fun, slime that’s glows, colour changes or bounce!

Recommended Age: 3+
Measurements: 23 x 10 x 28cm

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