Mad Science Slime Lab Tub

Mad Science Slime Lab Tub
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Mad Science Slime Lab Tub

Solar Slime transforms in your hands as you play with it in the sun! Activated by the sun’s UV rays, watch the slime slowly change color from red to purple or from color from yellow to green.

Magical Magnetic Putty attracts any metal object! Just like a magnet, Magnetic Putty sticks to anything metal, and can also be morphed, formed, and sculpted into any shape! You’ll be amazed as you watch it creep around!

Touchy Slime & Putty has a sixth sense: a heat sense! The slimy, ooey-gooey fun with a crazy twist: It changes colors with heat! Slime changes from White to Red. Putty changes from White to Blue.

Noisy Nastiness;
Gross out your friends and make sick noise with Noisy Nastiness! The ultimate prank; it looks disgusting and as you squeeze and squish it, sounds disgusting, too.

Recommended Age: 4+
Measurements: 23 x 10 x 28cm

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