Super Safe Concave & Convex Combi Mirror

Super Safe Concave & Convex Combi Mirror
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Our Convex & Concave Combi Mirrors are unique double sided mirrors that allow you to explore both convex and concave images and examine how they differ.

These mirrors are fantastic for any basic science lesson, early learning and primary school activities as well as being an exceptional product for special needs.

These mirrors are virtually unbreakable and are extremely lightweight.

They come complete with soft plastic edge protectors and a peel-able protective film on both sides. 

Size 100 mm x 100 mm (to edge of sheet). 

Comes in pack of 10 mirrors - SO21-10 

Instructions for removing Premask film
Peel back Premask film from one edge by locating thumb near one corner and rubbing edge of film towards centre of mirror. If film does not release easily, try same action on perpendicular edge of same corner.
Once Premask film has been peeled back, peel gently away from mirror surface.

IMPORTANT:  Do not use fingernail to pick at or dig under film as this risks removing the mirror surface.

Recommended Age 3+ 

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