Skool Plus Crush-Proof Ball Pit Balls 500 pc Set

Skool Plus Crush-Proof Ball Pit Balls 500 pc Set
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These vividly coloured balls are light-weight enough for children to toss and roll safely.
The small size allows them to fit in small hands and allow for easy juggling.
These authentic pit balls are made of durable, safe, and Non-Toxic materials that are easily cleaned with just soapy water.
Using a new ingredient material makes the balls more durable and have double life cycle than normal pit balls! 
These balls are made with PE plastic which is non-toxic & BPA FREE
500 piece set in mix of 4 colours. This is brand new tooling with tactile surface.
The Balls are crush proof and come with a 2 year warranty.

Measures 7.5cm Diameter

Recommended Age: 3+

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