Safari Ltd Arctic Dragon

Safari Ltd Arctic Dragon
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The Arctic Dragon has an imposing figure, but is a kind soul at heart. These gentle giants live deep in the frozen north where only the bravest dare to travel.

The Arctic Dragon is a thick, stocky beast covered in shaggy fur and fearsome-looking spines, but its friendly face gives away its warm heart. He almost seems like a polar bear, but his scaled underbelly reveals his dragon nature. This hand-painted figure is full of detail both furry and scaly.

The Arctic Dragon figure measures 7 ¼ inches long and 3 inches tall, similar in size to a 16 oz. soda bottle on its side. Its upper body features a shimmering, pearlescent finish over a light, pale violet fur coat. Its spines are white, tipped with a bright electric blue, and its underbelly is a dark purple and gray.

Arctic Dragons make their lairs in the coldest environments on the planet, where almost no other creatures can survive. Only rarely do they venture into slightly warmer areas, and this is when they are most likely to be encountered, although even then only by those prepared to endure extreme cold weather conditions. Despite their size, their large paws and their thick spines, they are usually friendly, gentle creatures, although they will fiercely defend themselves if provoked. There are tales of travelers lost in the snow who were carried to safety by huge, blue-furred creatures that may likely have been Arctic Dragons.

Recommended Age: 4+
Measurements:: 18.5 x 10 x 7.6 cm

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