Safari Ltd Ocean Dragon

Safari Ltd Ocean Dragon
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Ocean Dragons often frighten sailors at night with their eerie glowing lures, but they’re not actually dangerous.

The slender Ocean Dragon is showing off its webbed fins that help it swim through the ocean. This hand-painted figure and is packed with detail from its friendly face to its whale-like tail.

Our Ocean Dragon is 5 ¾ inches tall to the tip of its luminescent lure, and 6 inches long to the end of its tail, or about the size of a large index card. Its main color is a deep teal blue-green with pink webbing on its fins, a cream-colored underbelly, and a fluorescent green lure.

Ocean Dragons are often mistaken for whales at sea, with their flattened tails and striated underbelly that resembles a blue whale’s. However, once the glowing lure on the Ocean Dragon’s head comes into view, it’s clear that this is no ordinary sea creature.

The Ocean Dragon is unique in that it has evolved gills to breathe in its marine habitat. It dives to great depths, using its lure to navigate in the pitch black deep sea. Baby Ocean Dragons also follow their mothers in the darkness by using their lures.

Recommended Age: 4+
Measurements: 15.2  x 10.3  x 14.3 cm

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