Safari Ltd Stag Dragon

Safari Ltd Stag Dragon
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A seemingly impossible cross of species creates this stunning Stag Dragon, an untamable beast. It is extremely powerful, yet shy, preferring to be left alone in deep forests or wilderness areas. The combination of traits has defied the explanations of draconologists.

Combining the scales, spines, and long tail of a classic dragon with the antlers, hooves, and fur of a powerful stag, the Stag Dragon is truly a beast of legend.

Silvery-grey scales are interspersed with light brown fur in this inimitable figure. It’s 5 ½ inches tall to the top of its antlers, about the height of a bottle of water.

The Stag Dragon probably went extinct during the most recent ice age, around 14,000 years ago. Fortunately, a frozen specimen was discovered intact in the Ural Mountains of Asia, so draconologists were able to discover a great deal about this strange creature. Unlike some species of dragons that combine traits from multiple animals, the Stag Dragon appears to be some sort of intermediary form, a link between a small species of forest dragon and the Irish Elk. No human has ever recorded sighting a Stag Dragon.

Recommended Age: 4+
Size in cm: 12  x 10.25  x 13.5cm

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