Safari Ltd Peace Dragon

Safari Ltd Peace Dragon
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The Peace Dragon is the most passive of all dragons. It’s a devout pacifist, preferring to live a life of study and meditation over the wild adventures of its cousins. Deeply philosophical, the wise Peace Dragon is respected by all other dragon species.

The Peace Dragon strikes a meditative pose, welcoming thought and study over frightening the peasants. The figure even sports a peace symbol necklace to complete the look.

A demur shade of green highlights this Peace Dragon’s calm nature. In a seated pose, it is 3 ¾ inches tall, about the height of a cup.

Some dragons stand out above the rest for their unique qualities. The Sun Dragon is known for bringing Dragon Fire to Earth. The Mountain Dragon is the largest. The Peace Dragon, on the other hand, holds a different sort of acclaim. It is considered the wisest of all dragons, and its desire for a peaceful, contemplative life is respected by all other dragons, even those inclined to fire and darkness. The Peace Dragon has never hoarded treasure or been involved in a battle. This simple life combined with depths of wisdom have earned it a special place among the greatest of dragons.

Recommended Age: 4+
Measurements: 12.25 x 9 x 9.5cm

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