Safari Ltd Princess Dragon

Safari Ltd Princess Dragon
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None can look upon the Princess Dragon without being struck by her beauty and grace. Her soft colours attract the most notice but her magic is second to none.

A gorgeous mix of various shades of green and blue contrast with pink accents in this Princess Dragon figure. It stands 5 inches tall and measures 5 ½ inches from pink nose to curled tail.

The Princess Dragon was discovered when the beautiful creature appeared at the coronation of a Danish princess during the early middle ages. With her blues and greens and just a splash of pink, onlookers were awed by the Dragon’s beauty. Many decades later, near the end of a long, prosperous reign, the elderly Danish ruler acknowledged that her reign was favored because of the appearance of the Princess Dragon. With no enemies among man or beast, the Princess Dragon doubtless still exists, perhaps hiding in the green hills of Scandinavia or Scotland.

Recommended Age: 4+
Measurements: 14  x 10.75  x 12.75 cm

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