Safari Ltd Citipati

Safari Ltd Citipati
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While not as popular as its relative Oviraptor, Citipati is much better understood by palaeontologists. In fact, most artistic depictions of Oviraptor are actually based on Citipati. This ten foot long theropod dinosaur lived during the Late Cretaceous and was very likely covered in feathers.
Scientific Name: Citipati (named after a spirit in the Buddhist faith)
Size and Colour: Citipati measures 7 inches long and just over 4 ¼ inches tall. It’s about the size of a large index card. Its feathers are green, blue, dark brown and light brown, with a mask of white over the eyes and on its arms. Its underside is an orange-brown and its featherless lower legs are grey with black claws.

Measurements: 17.3cm x 5cm  x 10.3cm 
Recommended Age: 3+ 

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