B4 Adventure Playzone - Fit Wheel Walker

B4 Adventure Playzone - Fit Wheel Walker
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Help children become a master of balance and coordination!

It's as if your bicycle pedals were transformed into their very own transportation device. Just step onto the two platforms, start stepping, and just like that you're off and rolling!

The handles provide stability so children can practice their balance without the risk of falling. 

By the time children master the Playzone-Fit Wheel Walker, they'll have the balance and coordination skills of a seasoned circus performer!

  • Unique pedal platform for practicing balance and coordination
  • Encourages gross motor skills, core strength and balance
  • Step onto the platforms and start stepping to roll forward
  • Attach the two big handles for an easy start
  • Remove the handles and see how well you can keep your head above your feet
  • Includes one Wheel Walker, set of 2 removable handles
  • Exceptionally strong, high-quality design and materials
  • Max weight: 125 pounds

Recommended Age: 3+

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