Magnet Paint

Magnet Paint
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Magnet Paint is a new and improved water-based emulsion paint which contains very fine ferrous powder; because of this the paint is dark grey in colour. Paint to be applied using a short nap roller. For a smoother surface, apply quite thickly and then smooth off with a trowel. We recommend a minimum of three coats and adding more coats will increase the magnetic receptivity.

Once dry, you can paint over it with any emulsion colour of your choice, our Blackboard Paint or our dry-wipe paint, Sketch Paint!
Magnet Paint is water-based, non-toxic and is VOC and lead free.
As the paint itself is not a magnet, but rather has magnetic properties that create a surface to which you can apply magnets to, it is safe to use in your home, school or office and will not affect your computer, television, video or any other magnet-sensitive equipment.

Note - This product is NOT A TOY

Available in 4 sizes.

Product codes:
  • MAG0001 – 0.5L
  • MAG0002 – 1L
  • MAG0003 – 2.5L
Customer Feedback:
'Excellent product. I applied 3 coats of the magnetic paint and 2 coats of emulsion on top and it's really strong and effective. Would definitely recommend' 5*