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ApPen is an exciting innovation, allowing children to enjoy learning, writing and colouring on a tablet. The pressure-sensitive silicone nib works as a colouring pen, joystick and learning aid when used in conjunction with the dedicated Free App!

ApPen is a great electronic learning aid perfect for key stage educational, drawing and play values.
No batteries required - Immediate fun: plug ‘n’ play, no batteries needed.
Compatible with all tablets & easy to use as this device can connect to any tablet via the headphone audio jack connection.
Pen contains speaker for positive reinforcement for child and has the capacity to track child's learning progress through updates sent to social media sites. Pictures and images drawn are also able to be uploaded to social media sites.

Features & Benefits
  • Key stage educational Electronic Learning Aid
  • Pressure sensitivity - the harder you press the pen down on the tablet, the thicker the line.
  • No batteries needed
  • Compatible with the majority of tablets
  • Capacity to track child's learning progress

Recommended Age 4+

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