DuneCraft Astounding Polymer Properties

DuneCraft Astounding Polymer Properties
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SKU:DCSK-0357 (Previously DCSK-0340)

Demonstrate and learn the science behind a fascinating collection of polymers! Learn about viscosity, absorption, evaporation, polarity, saturation, molecular bonding, osmosis, and more with this astounding science fair kit! Learn the difference between cross-linked copolymers, linear polymers, and liquid polymers, and the special uses these polymers may have!

Hydrate all polymers with hot and cold water to learn about each polymer’s absorption process. Learn about effervescence and the chemical reaction caused by adding Silly Squares, Slippery Spheres, or JellyStones to a carbonated beverage. Your imagination is the only limit when you experiment with these fascinating polymers!

Set includes:
  • Gobbledy Goop (30g)
  • Jelly Stones - 3 colours (5g each)
  • Slippery Spheres - 3 colours (4g each)
  • Silly Squares -3 colours (10g each)
  • 3 Colouring Tablets 
  • 1 Experiment & Science Guide
Recommended Age 5+

Please note this set excludes the plastic cups and spoons shown in the image


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