Wedgits Class Pack 90 Piece Set

Wedgits Class Pack 90 Piece Set
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Teachers or home-schooling parents easily demonstrate geometric relationships, vertical and horizontal alignment, sorting, pairs, size relationships, measurement, balance and even molecular designs. 

This 90-piece set of WEDGITS product was designed around the developmental requirements suggested by the teacher market.  Within the box are 6 x 15-piece sets of WEDGITS.  Each 15-piece set is a solid colour. A set of WEDGITS Design Cards, a Parent/Teacher Activity Guide and a WEDGITS Jumping Frog design poster are included to support classroom, home schooling, and/or day-care activities. 

The design cards segment 15-piece designs into graduated building levels that allow the teacher to assess each child's reasoning and manipulative skills.  The front side of each Design Card offers a colour rendering of the design while the back side offers a black and white rendering (along with a quantity and size reference for each block required).

Recommended Age 3+

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