Safari Ltd Cambrian Life Toob

Safari Ltd Cambrian Life Toob
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Our Cambrian Life Toob® by Safari Ltd® brings to life the sea creatures that lived 540 million years ago! These toys offer a view of Cambrian animals that no one has ever seen. Children love TOOBS® because the collections of small toys feature vibrant colours and accurate detail. The educational toys are available in dozens of fun themes. Each set of tiny figures of figures comes in a reusable acetate tube with a spinning globe on the cap, which snaps open and closed for easy storage. They are perfect for classroom and homeschool projects, traveling, collecting, and imaginative play. 

The Cambrian Life TOOB® contains eight replicas, including:
  • Anomalocaris
  • Vauxia
  • Naraoia
  • Trilobite
  • Ottoia
  • Sanctacaris
  • Sidneyia
  • Charniodiscus
Figures Measure 4 - 7.5cm

Recommended Age 3+

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