Quercetti Curriculum Gears KS1

Quercetti Curriculum Gears KS1
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This set has been designed as a teaching aid to support work on Key Stage 1 Design & Technology National Curriculum. The focused tasks shown on the cards provide an introduction to moving pictures, wheels and axles, and gear and pulley mechanisms. Following the step instructions on the cards to complete the basic models will help children gain confidence before they move on to more open –ended design and make assignments. The construction process will also improve manipulative skills, develop creative thinking and give children the knowledge and understanding they need to talk about the way things work. The 10 work cards include step by step instructions for assembling the models and help children develop a logical approach to the way things fit together. Most importantly all the cards link into specific QCA units in the Design and Technology Key Stage 1 National Curriculum.

Recommended Age  5+

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