Gooey Glam Slime Lab Tub

Gooey Glam Slime Lab Tub
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Gooey Glam Slime Lab Tub

This tub includes;

Colour fusion slime
Create your own slime art with Color Fusion Blending Slime! Take your Yellow & Blue Color Fusion Slimes & mix & swirl them together to create Green Slime!

Sparkling Slime
Slime in Style with Sparkle Slime! This glamourous goo is bright and glittery that you can squish, stretch, pull, and watch it ooze gooey fun! Shiny, Sparkling Slime will charm you every time!

Scented Slime Get fruity with Smelly Slime! Long-lasting smelly smells. Looks gross & smells great! Squish, stretch & squeeze it to release it’s fruity orange & grape scents!

Unicorn Slime
Get Enchanted with Unicorn Slime! Twist & twirl 2 mystical pastel slimes to attract fun-loving Unicorns! Mold, form, stretch & squeeze for the ultimate slime experience.

Recommended Age: 3+
Measurements: 23 x 10 x 28cm

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