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The PlasmaCar is a plastic ride-on toy car designed for children, made popular by Canadian toy distributor PlaSmart. The PlasmaCar can be propelled by wiggling the front steering wheel which is attached to two pivoting wheels touching the ground. It harnesses the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, gravity, and friction in order to drive the car forward and backward. It does not require a power source such as batteries, fuel, pedals, or gears - it simply runs on the child's ability to wiggle the steering wheel.

Product Codes:
PLPC025 – PlasmaCar – Orange
PLPC055 – PlasmaCar – Lime Green
PLPC020 – PlasmaCar – Red
PLPC030 – PlasmaCar – Blue
PLPC060 – PlasmaCar – Pink
PLPC070 – PlasmaCar – Yellow 

Recommended Age 3+

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