Baff Klacks

Baff Klacks
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Our KLACKS! - Box is the ideal opportunity to bring rhythm into the learning fields of children and adults every day.
Within seconds it is ready for use and it can be used as a table or floor-drum. With a little bit of practice it is playable even on your lap.

With KLACKS! you can learn rhythm and drumming in the simplest way.
Each KLACKS! - Instrument has printed two red and one blue hand on the front which marks the two tones "Bass and Snare". For simplicity, we have also developed our own grading system, which consists out of playing with symbols.

The display with icons and colour allows the children to play in the simplest way and needs not musical skills.

Measurements: 25cm x 25cm x 5cm 
  • White: Baff851
  • Black: Baff852

Recommended Age 3+

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