Safari Ltd Emotional Dragon Set

Safari Ltd Emotional Dragon Set
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Pink never looked so fierce! The love dragon is a unique, new addition to our beloved dragon figurines family. This newer, more animated collectible takes a slight departure from realism and brings to life the imaginative traits these wondrous creatures have in a child’s mind.

Happy Dragons frequent small towns, open forests, and other places where children gather to play. Known for their bold colors, gentle demeanor, and wide smiles, Happy Dragons are among the mildest of all dragons, seldom growing larger than the children they love so much.

A distant cousin of the Forest Dragon, the Grumpy Dragon is known for its perpetually sour demeanor. Perhaps it simply feels misunderstood? While its downturned countenance and snarling lips might be mistaken for anger, Grumpy Dragons are, in fact, harmless.

Sleepy dragon is one of the must fun dragons around, so don’t let the snoozing fool you. Out of all our educational toys and dragons, he certainly is the most well rested! Our dragon figurines are made with fine detail and bright colors, making the realistic toys a childhood favourite. Get ready to discover the Frontiers of Your Imagination® with this mythical animal figurine!

Recommended Age: 4+

Safety Features: All our products are lead free and thoroughly safety tested.

Measurements: 9.75 cm x 9.75 cm  x 7.75 cm

Special features: All our figurines are hand painted, authentic and accredited.

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