Geomag - Design And Tech Ed Set

Geomag - Design And Tech Ed Set
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The 20 GEOMAG Activity Cards have been designed for use by both pupils and teachers. The first 10 are linked to the design technology curriculum at Key Stage1 and the following 10 to the Key Stage 2 curriculum.

On one side of each card is the information for the pupil - a GEOMAG challenge or activity involving the use of the GEOMAG bars, spheres and panels to fulfil a design and make brief. This has been designed as a photocopiable sheet which pupils can use to record the various stages of their design and making activities.

On the reverse of each card is the information relating to the teaching and learning objective for each challenge accompanied by notes on organisation and management of the activity. The cards are structured to build on pupils' previous design and technology experience and support the progression required by the curriculum for design and technology at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. They enable teaching to ensure that knowledge and understanding are applied when children are developing ideas, planning, making products and evaluating them.
The complete list of all the learning objectives and links to other areas of the primary curriculum are set out on the next card of this set - Curriculum Focus. This handy reference will help you choose the most appropriate activities and challenges to extend and consolidate particular aspects of your pupils' learning in design and technology. The magnetic properties and the versatility of the GEOMAG set encourage creative approaches to problem solving - you will find your pupils come up with many different solutions to the challenges presented. As they work with the bars, spheres and panels they will find many different ways to link the components together. Relish the excitement and enjoyment of these new discoveries and inventions!

Remember, talented young technologists:
...are particularly interested in man-made aspects of the world around them; designing and making things from different materials; plans and drawings of inventions;
...have a high level of creativity and inventiveness.

 Recommended Age 5+

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