Long Red Rods

Long Red Rods
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The Long Red Rods help to develop the child’s co-ordination and visual discrimination of differences in one dimension. It also indirectly helps to prepares children for later work in geometry though the general observation of differences in the rod lengths and volumes. The child is also introduced to the concept of numbers and demonstrating the unit difference in length between the ten rods.

Ten red, wooden rods of equal thickness; they vary in length from ten centimeters to one meter, by ten centimeter increments.

The Red Rods are a visually appealing material from the Sensorial Area of the classroom. Directly, they help children develop their visual discrimination. Indirectly, they are preparation for bigger math to come.

Size 101x19x3.5 cm

Rack Sold Seperately. 

Recommended Age 3+ 

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