Magformers Zoo Racing Set

Magformers Zoo Racing Set
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Magformers Zoo Racing Set includes wheels and R/C. Create happy animals, put them on wheels and enjoy the race. See, if a turtle can beat the rabbit to the apple tree!

Magformers Zoo Racing Set
  • Contains 55 pieces in vivid colors, an R/C and a set of wheels.
  • The idea book has a story inside.
  • Compatible with all other Magformers sets.
  • The set uses high quality materials such as High-Quality ABS plastic pieces with rare-earth Neodimium magnet on side of every piece.
Simple sets can be used with the larger construction sets containing special pieces like power blocks, LED lighting, battery packs, compressed air tanks, pistons, pulleys, gears and angled connectors enable children to develop thinking in the main STEAM and STEAM fields. Whilst this set comes with an ideas book, the company ethos is very much built around children training their brains to create their own wonderful 2D and 3D structures.

Recommended Age: 3+

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