Miracle Table and Wonder Easel

Miracle Table and Wonder Easel
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The product consists of 3 main elements. Firstly the table frame itself with its 4 wooden legs, into that frame we have the option of putting 2 separate modules. The first module is the mosaic module- it is a perforated wooden base with coloured balls. The second module is the LED module-it is an LED surface inside a wooden frame and it comes with its own wireless buttons.

This new product called "Miracle Table and Wonder Easel”, which combines the functionality of the Sand Drawing Table and the puzzles the Mosaic Table in one great product and adds a new color illumination theme to drawing on glass. You can use normal colored or white sand or kinetic sand.
What are the advantages of this product:

  • This unique design allows you to easily change the units (countertops) and takes up less space in the room.
  • Versatile design of interchangeable tabletops creates a number of uses in one product: the sand drawing table for playing with sand, water, kinetic sand with changeable background color (red, yellow, blue, green) as well as the mosaic table with a puzzle of colored balls (red , blue , green and yellow) and an transparent easel to paint the surrounding world with LED illumination.
  • High quality of product- all products are made according to EU norms and are certified.
  • Durability - all work surfaces are made from high quality plywood and use a special acrylic glass and LED lighting.
  • Additional materials - sand (white, color), acrylic tray and kinetic sand.

Recommended Age 3+ 

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