Tornikotor Basic Set – 144 pc

Tornikotor Basic Set – 144 pc
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Flexible, soft bars that are easily moldable and connectable to each other with the use of multipurpose wheels. Helps to develop motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, knowledge of colours and geometric shapes, also helps to progress creativity and imagination.

This set is made of 144 pieces in 4 colours for about 10 children playing simultaneously.

The set contains:
  • 16 blue bars , 16 red bars, 16 yellow bars, 16 green bars measuring 5cm. 
  • 8 blue bars , 8 red bars, 8 yellow bars, 8 green bars measuring 10cm 
  • 4 blue bars , 4 red bars, 4 yellow bars, 4 green bars measuring 20cm.
  • 32 Wheels and 32 Axles measuring 5cm
  • Plastified playing cards.
Further information is available on the manufacturers website

Recommended Age 3+

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